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Pension advice and planning

It is important that you plan ahead to ensure that you can afford to live a long, happy retirement.

With the changes announced in the Autumn 2014 Statement, pensions have become a flexible, tax efficient savings plan.

Basically you can save money into a Personal Pension plan (PPP) on a regular or adhoc basis and once you are within 10 years of state retirement age, you are entitled to dip into the pot and take out what you want, when you want.


Inheritance tax planning

During your lifetime you will build up wealth that you will want to leave primarily to your beneficiaries rather than HMRC.

If the value of your worldwide assets such as your home, investments, cash and any other property exceed the nil rate band (currently £325,000) you will pay inheritance tax at a rate of 40%.


Long term care

When and if it becomes necessary to decide, where and when care is required, we understand that it is a particularly emotional time for the client and their family. During this period we realise that our clients require extra special care and guidance from us. Susan holds the special qualification CF8 required to give advice in this complex area.

The cost of care whether at home or in residential accommodation is escalating faster than the rate of inflation.


The role of the Financial Planner is to improve the financial position of the client.

We provide an independent, whole of market wealth management service, individually tailored to meet the expectations and objectives of our clients.


Business protection

Was designed to insure against the unexpected, for instance on the death or incapacity of a sole trader, partner or company director.

The main types of cover are as follows:

  • Key Person Insurance
  • Shareholder Protection
  • Relevant Life Policy
  • Permanent Health Insurance



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