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Our Company

Altero Financial Services was established in 1997 and our experience since then has demonstrated one thing, loud and clear: Each client has different resources, needs and aspirations...

Therefore, our task is to create unique solutions to the wide range of financial issues and opportunities that you might face. We can provide focussed advice or a more holistic approach via the creation and maintenance of a financial plan. Whatever your requirements, we will take account of taxation, investment management, the concept of risk and reward and financial protection.

Our Commitment to you

We understand how important it is to offer great service so we have invested heavily not only in the latest technology, but also in the training of our staff, which means you can rest assured you will receive the attention you would expect from highly qualified professionals. Once you choose Altero Financial Services as your preferred Financial Planner, we will agree with you the level of service that suits you best. Whichever service level you require, we will always aspire to achieve the following;

  • Meet and exceed the standard of ethics demanded by the regulator and our professional body as being good corporate citizens and having a role in the community.
  • Advice which is both objective and impartial.
  • Where financial products are considered, they will be selected from the whole market.
  • Maintain a high level of qualifications and commit to continuous professional development.
  • Employ staff who aspire towards professionalism and a high level of qualifications.
  • Communicate with you in plain English, avoiding jargon wherever possible.
  • Treat your personal information with respect, privacy and confidentiality.
  • Openness and Transparency in our dealings with you at all times.

Trust, Professionalism and First Class Service

The basis of a strong advisory relationship is trust. In order that we can provide you with first class advice and service, we will need your help.

Of utmost importance to us is that you fully understand the services that we provide.

We will explain our services to you but please ask as many questions as you wish. We will be delighted to help you.

In addition, we ask the following of you;

  • Your goals and expectations, attitude to investment risk and your priorities in terms of needs and objectives.
  • To provide full information about your financial circumstances, including income & expenditure, assets & liabilities and existing plans and arrangements.
  • When we meet for a financial review, advise us of any changes in your financial arrangements as it may affect your financial plan.
  • If circumstances change, and you need to change your plan, let us know at the earliest opportunity.
At Altero - we are all about your financial potential.

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