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Introduction and Personal Statement from Susan Tague – Chartered Financial Planner

Susan Tague


The Altero team aims to provide clients with an exceptional level of service, this is of the utmost importance to us. As a Chartered Financial Planner, I hold a highly regarded industry qualification, meaning I have both specialist knowledge and expertise, but also dedication to rigorous ethical and professional standards.


This qualification is the ‘gold standard’ and one of the highest qualifications of the financial industry. It means that with my technical knowledge, wide industry experience and ability to implement practical solutions, I have the expertise to advise competently on the complex area of financial planning for companies and individuals. This includes income tax, corporation tax and estate planning, long term care, portfolio wealth management and business protection.


Finally, it also ensures that we are at the forefront of any vital changes in regulations or the law so we can quickly and efficiently advise our clients.


Additionally, we pride ourselves on our commitment to benchmark our service and internal processes against the international standard of best practice and in 2011 the business entered a rigorous process of applying for the ISO 22222.


ISO 22222 is an internationally agreed benchmark that assesses then awards Financial Planners who are able to demonstrate they have the knowledge, skills, experience and ethical values to deliver a first class service to their clients.


In August 2011 I was awarded the ISO 22222 certification and am one of only a small handful of Financial Planners in the UK to have achieved this prestigious award.


Your needs are at the heart of our business and this is why we are committed to an ongoing audit which ensures that our processes and services are assessed by an independent certification body on an annual basis.


You can be confident in knowing that you are dealing with a Financial Planning team that exceeds the usual regulatory requirements.

If you have any questions with regard to the above and would like to know more about the ISO 22222 certification, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Looking forward, we will continue to focus on delivering outstanding service together with building and maintaining a long term relationship with you.

ISO 22222 Certified Financial Planner

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