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How we work with you

Chapter 1 Discovery Meeting:

At our initial meeting we will simply discuss and establish your aims and objectives. From there, we will consider your priorities and expectations. This meeting is usually at our expense, i.e. no cost to you. Once all of this has been established, we will provide you with an idea of how your financial plan can work for you and what costs are involved should you wish to proceed further.

Chapter 2 The Generic Evaluation:

We analyse and research your current situation and make generic recommendations of action required to achieve goals/targets. We establish your attitude toward investment risk/loss then for a pre-agreed fixed fee, prepare a Generic Report for you to keep.

Chapter 3 Specific Solutions:

Should you decide to proceed to this Chapter, a detailed report is delivered and presented to you for a pre-agreed price, depending upon complexity. We provide a tailored service and therefore our charges follow suit.

Chapter 4 Mutual Commitment:

At this stage you have decided that you want to become a client and we implement the recommendations made in the previous Chapter. We will in all instances give you an initial idea of timescales for the work involved and will communicate with you at regular intervals with updates of progress as we put your financial plan in place.

Chapter 5 Habitual Assessment:

Once we have agreed to proceed with the recommendation and put your plans in place, it is crucially important that we maintain regular contact to ensure your financial plan continues to work effectively for you. There are different ongoing service levels and these will be discussed and agreed with you.


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